Testimonial – Marcia, Dudley, MA

“I would go to the moon and back a hundred times over for any of my children but in the case of my son, Kevin, it would be to Barrett (back and forth)!

Literally we have made the drive from Dudley, MA to Barrett’s original Westborough location and now to the Northborough location to have Occupational and Speech services provided.  We are well into YEARS of service…seven years and counting.  In the early years some weeks were as many as four days a week, but now we are at twice a week.   The drive alone may be convincing enough for some but there is more…

If you are looking for information as I do, you do not have to look far.  One of the greatest gifts is to pass on information from one individual to another and watch them use it and that is what we have done.  Barrett’s staff have taken their respective expertise and empowered us with the knowledge and drive to help our son.  He not only receives one to one service from them, but we are able to take the knowledge home and generalize it.

It truly has been, and is, special to see my son with individuals who are sincerely caring and have a wealth of knowledge to share.  I found this all in One Special Place known as the Barrett Family Wellness Center.”

—Marcia, Dudley, MA

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