An Entertaining Alien May Facilitate Language: Pogg an iPad App

Here at Barrett we service children from one year old through the teenage years with a variety of disorders from developmental and articulation delays to children on the autism spectrum. We are keeping up with trending technology and have found that the iPad is an effective tool with facilitating language.

Click Here for a Windows Media Version Video on iPad Ideas

Click here for the YouTube Version Video on iPad Ideas

The application I would like to talk about today is called “Pogg”. This app features an alien who does different entertaining actions from putting on hat, to dancing, to swimming in the ocean.

Pogg can be used for requesting, motivating, or creating sentences. For example, a child can make a verbal request by saying “eat” or “Pogg eat” and watch the animated alien eat a number of different foods. Actions are presented a silly way that is really entertaining for most children.

The fact that the children want to see the short videos, means that they are very willing to use this tool and will work for the end result. Actions presented in Pogg are common actions that children may use or see throughout the course of their day giving further support to the functionality of the language targeted.

We are always staying current with what’s new and what may best help your child facilitate language. Please check back for more blogs, videos and ideas often. To view a video on this application and a few others, please click here.

Coming up on Tuesday, May 22nd, from 6:30-8:30PM we are presenting a workshop at Barrett called “There’s an App for That, But How Do I Use It?” We are going to look at many of the Apps out there and show you how to use them to facilitate language in your children. Pre-registration is required by calling 508-898-2688.  THIS IS A FREE WORKSHOP. We hope to see you there!

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