Weather: Balloon Raindrops, Ribbon Sunshine, and Wind Painting

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Preschool Playtime: Weather Theme (March 7, 2012)
Meets Wednesday Mornings from 9:15-10AM

Each session of Preschool Playtime has a fun theme which distracts the children enough to not realize all the hard work they are accomplishing with their large muscle, fine motor, and sensory work. Today, our theme was weather!

With the exciting changes in weather, the children and I started our circle time with a discussion of different types of weather.

Each child had a weather chart. The children were asked to identify today’s weather by spinning their arrow on their chart to the correct weather symbol. We talked about different clothes we wear in different weather and what activities we can participate in when it sunny, snowy or rainy. We sang “What’s the weather” and held our rays of sunshine (ribbon), moving them up, down and around in the air.

In the gym, the children found a large umbrella (parachute) with raindrops on top (balloons). We held onto the sides of the umbrella and worked together to move the umbrella up and down, slow and fast, and loudly and quietly. This helped the children work on body control. The children went under the umbrella and felt the parachute fall on top of their bodies. This provided good body awareness.

The children then held their rays of sunshine while on a swing. Holding the rays of sunshine in the air encouraged them to maintain balance on the swing using the core muscles vs. using their arms to stabilize themselves on the swing. Every once and a while a raindrop (balloon) would float their way and they would have to use their hands and good eye hand coordination to bat the balloon away.

In the ball pit, the children pretended they were in the snow! The balls provided proprioceptive input to the children’s muscles and joints, telling their nervous system where their body is in space (i.e body awareness). The children used their tactile sense to search for objects hidden in the ball pit.

At the art table, the children made a large painting together. The children used different objects to paint with including balloons, marbles and paint brushes. Many children enjoyed using their hands. The children had straws to be the wind and try and blow the various objects. The children found that some of the objects like the tissue paper and balloons moved while other objects like the marbles did not.

As the weather continues to change (as the children now know) we will soon be celebrating spring!

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