Strength, Balance and Breath

Creative Yoga (ages 4-7) is a 7 week program meeting Saturdays from 1-2pm. The current session is full and running from March 3 – April 14, 2012. If you are interested in attending our next session, please call to register at 508-898-2688. Cost is $175/child. For a video on the program, please click hereThe next session begins May 12, 2012!!!

Creative Yoga Video (Windows Version or You Tube Version)

Today the children welcomed a new friend into yoga, introduced themselves and their “animal pose” and gave her an animal pose too.

After reviewing the poses learned last week and warming up their bodies by becoming “tick tock yoga clocks”, the girls then pretended to be famous ballerinas. They stretched their arms to the sky, stood on tippy toes, and “bourred” in a circle. This addresses gross motor coordination, vestibular/proprioceptive input as well as strength and balance.

After performing a fabulous performance, the girls reached down to their toes and bowed to their audience while flowers were thrown at their feet. They then imagined picking up the flowers one at a time alternating hands while in a flexed position with their trunks. This creative take on a sun salutation addresses flexibility and strength as well as bilateral UE coordination.

After their performance, the children worked on their yoga breath by taking turns blowing bubbles to one another while the other children took turns popping the bubbles. The act of reaching out and popping the bubbles addresses visual motor coordination while blowing the bubbles strengthens the musculature of the face.

The children then learned two new yoga postures (lion and alligator) before settling in
for Story Time Yoga. Today I read the children the story of the Velveteen Rabbit while they acted out various animal poses within the story.

Yoga ended with relaxation time, or “savasana” followed by our goodbye song.

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