An Irish Adventure of Balance, Strength, and Concentration

Creative Yoga (ages 4-7) is a 7 week program meeting Saturdays from 1-2pm. The current session is full and running from March 3 – April 14, 2012. If you are interested in attending our next session, please call to register at 508-898-2688. Cost is $175/child. For a video on the program, please click hereThe next session begins May 12, 2012!!!

Creative Yoga Video (Windows Version or You Tube Version)

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today our little Yogi’s flew on their magic carpets (yoga mats) to the land of the Leprechauns where they searched for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  They practiced “rainbow pose” which is a challenging pose requiring the children to balance on one hand while on their sides with the legs extended.  This posture helps to develop strength, balance, and concentration.

After finding the pot of gold, the children then traveled through the Shamrock Forest where they balanced in “shamrock” (tree) pose for 10 seconds.  They then swam through the clover lake while lying on their bellies in prone extension, arms and legs lifted in the air, strengthening their core trunk muscles.

Upon returning from their Irish adventure, the children took part in a breathing activity requiring them to lie on their backs and place a stuffed animal on their bellies.  They then practiced proper “belly breathing” during which their stomachs expanded when they took a breath in and contracted when they exhaled.  If done correctly, their stuffed animal would rise when they inhaled and fall when they exhaled.  This served as a visual cue for the children as proper breathing is a difficult concept to understand.

The children reviewed previously learned yoga postures and added a few more to their repertoire including table, ladybug, snake, and mouse.

They then engaged in Story Time yoga followed by relaxation time (Savasana) and the goodbye song during which they wished each other Namaste before returning to their parents in the waiting room.

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