The 5th Annual World Autism Awareness Day:Monday, April 2

At Barrett, we treat children with Autism disorders everyday through Occupational, Speech and Sensory Integration Therapies.  We have seen the benefits of early diagnosis and the joy in watching children blossom with treatment plans specific to their needs.

I was thrilled when the United Nations adopted a day for the world to be aware of Autism back in 2007 because I feel it is so important for our society to recognize that Autism affects tens of millions of people. This disorder is still misunderstood and under treated.  My hope is that with more awareness, more children and families will seek and receive the help they need.

The Autism Speaks organization encourages raised awareness about autism throughout our society and through early diagnosis and early intervention because the earlier a child is diagnosed and begins treatment, the better the likelihood there is for that child to reach their full potential in life.

“One child out of 88 is believed to have autism or a related disorder”, states the Associated Press article I read earlier today.  The previous estimate was 1 in 110. The AP article goes on to say “This new number means autism is nearly twice as common as officials said it was only five years ago, and likely affects roughly 1 million U.S. children and teens.”

Visual awareness began three years ago through an organization called “Light it Up Blue”.  This unique global initiative helps to raise awareness by lighting up landmarks around the world in blue lights.  To see a photo slideshow of past buildings, please click on this link. Individual “Light it Up blue” support can be done by wearing blue on Monday.

Please join me on Monday in taking time to read, talk, and listen to all the information that will be surrounding us regarding Autism.  Together we can make a difference in the lives of those affected.

For more information on World Autism Awareness Day, see the Autism Speaks Website by clicking here.

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