Barrett’s Summer Schedule Preference Form – Current Clients Only

It’s time again to start planning our summer schedule for current clients.

If you are not interested in being scheduled for the summer please email

Current Clients –
Please give us your Summer Schedule Preferences by Sunday, May 25th.

This year, we are testing an electronic form that will allow parents to give us their summer schedule preference on line, streamlining our process and helping us meet everyone’s needs more efficiently.


We recommend that you fill out the form on a computer, as we have had some people have difficulty with the form on their smart phone.

If you have multiple children coming to Barrett, please fill out one form for each.

Any questions on the form marked with a red * must be completed before continuing to the next page.

Progress on the form cannot be saved so you must do the whole form in one sitting.

Please do not use your back button on the browser; if you need to go to a previous page on the form, please do so by using the navigation buttons within the form.

You will be able to edit your response after the form has been submitted.

Click Here for the Schedule Form

If you have any questions please call the office at 508-898-2688 or email us at

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