Barrett Pediatric Therapists Offer “Toy-Tested” Holiday Gift Suggestions for 2014

Toys We Play with Every Day
Barrett Pediatric Therapists Offer “Toy-Tested” Holiday Gift Suggestions

If you ask a child why they go to Barrett Family Wellness Center, their response may very well be “to play!” Much of our pediatric occupational and speech therapies are built around swings, scooters, crafts and games. We have tested so many different types of toys that parents often look to us for suggestions of what would be worth owning at home.

This holiday season, we put together two lists. One is a DIY Gift Guide with all you need for instructions on how to make your own gifts. The other list is suggestions you can purchase, as well as where these items may be located. We encourage you to look around for comparable items and prices.

Holiday Suggestions 2014 – Click Here

Holiday Suggestions 2013 – Click Here

The Barrett Family Wellness Center is a community-based, pediatric occupational and speech therapy facility dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of children and their families. We address developmental problems in children, including those with Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disability, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. We also work with parents and families to help them better understand their child’s behaviors and needs.

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