Happy Better Hearing & Speech Month!

“Communication Takes Care” is the theme for this year’s awareness month. As a speech and language pathologist, I can tell you that there is no truer statement than that, communication does take care.

In life we often take for granted the complicated ways we can communicate with each other whether it be in words, facial expressions, body language or simply what is left unsaid. Communication both verbal and non-verbal is how we connect to the world and the other people in it. It is how we form relationships, share our opinions and receive feedback and validation.

For too many people, children and adults communication is a challenge and sometimes a monumental challenge. How does a non-verbal child with Autism learn to communicate with the confusing world around them? How does the vivacious adult, who suffered a stroke and left voiceless continue to communicate and connect with the ones they love? Not being able to communicate can be a lonely, isolating and frustrating experience for a person and their family. It is our job to ease that frustration. It is our job to teach speech sounds. It is our job to teach social language. It is our job to teach a child to use a device and let that device be their voice. It is our job to listen to our clients, no matter how subtle their message may be. It is our job to support a person and their family as they attempt to learn or relearn how to communicate with each other.

We, as SLPs have a challenging yet very rewarding job. We care deeply for our clients and their families. I would like to take this month as a chance for you to get to know the Barrett Family Wellness Center, speech therapy team. They are a group of individuals with unique skill sets and backgrounds who seamlessly work together to help your children learn to communicate!  Please watch for their blog and facebook posts throughout this month!

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