My Speech Quilt

When I reflect on my career as a speech therapist over the past 9 years, I think of not just one favorite moment but many favorite moments. I think of these moments like squares all weaved into one unique “speech quilt”. Each square in this quilt represents each client I have worked with including their own favorite speech moments, personalities, and speech goals. Each square is the same size but with a different pattern. Each square is the same size since each client receives 100% effort to figure out what motivates them, what are their favorite hobbies and activities, and treatment methods to reach their individual speech goals. Each square has a different pattern since each client is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses.

My “speech quilt” has many squares on it now, 9 years of speech therapy experience. That’s why I love my job. I can keep adding favorite moments for each client, making my job exciting with endless possibilities. Often the favorite moments for me as a speech therapist is the first time a client produced a new speech skill. This can be a new sound, a new word, or combining words into a sentence. The client, therapist, and family have worked very hard each week to develop this new speech skill. When this new skill arrives one day, the world stops for a moment. The client looks at you and you look at the client with a big smile.

The best part is sharing this new learned speech skill with the client’s family members who are happy and excited. I treasure all of my favorite moments that I have experienced with each of my clients. I have a beautiful quilt that I have collected over the years and each day I am adding more and more squares to my “speech quilt”.

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