“Barrett has helped not only my son, but also our entire family.  When Alex started he barely spoke any words and did not show interest in speaking either. The only few words he would say were I want… rice, juice and basically that was all. He was constantly frustrated as his needs and wants were not being met because of his lack of communication…” (Click Here for Full Testimonial)

— Luxan, Hudson

“I just wanted to thank you for these (social group) weekly updates.  They are so helpful in letting me know what you are working on and helping us carry it over into our routine here at home…I have to tell you, he talks more about Superflex and the group than any other activity we have ever done.  He responds to the ideas at home too. Thank you again.”

—Sara, Franklin, MA

I called Barrett for that initial intake with an open mind. Every morning I struggled with dressing my son, to the point of tears for both of us, as he refused most clothing. In addition, he withdrew at the sound of loud noises, could not integrate with other children during play, and just seemed to be constantly uncomfortable. Without extensive warnings for transitions, he would fall apart and could never be consoled in ways you would expect.. It broke my heart every day that I…” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

—Kristy, Natick, MA

“When I think back on my son’s feeding issues, mainly with chewing and swallowing, I focus on the restrictions. All the foods he couldn’t eat, all the foods I had to remember to pack everywhere I went so that I knew he would have something he could eat. When he was younger, I worried about him choking on something that a well-intentioned but unknowing adult had given him. I realized just how far behind he was once my second son started eating solid foods at nine months…and they, with nearly two years separating them, had similar eating abilities.” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

—Kate, Bellingham, MA

“When I tell you that coming to Barrett four months ago has changed our lives.  I mean it with every fiber of my being.  It is frustrating to me to think about if only we could have come here three years ago where our progress could be.  Our daughter was diagnosed with sensory processing disorders at two and a half years old.  It was a diagnosis without a plan.  No one could say to me, this is what you need to do next.  Or this is who you need to call. For the first 6 months afterwards, I…” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

—Stacy, Bellingham, MA

“I would go to the moon and back a hundred times over for any of my children but in the case of my son, Kevin, it would be to Barrett (back and forth)!  Literally we have made the drive from Dudley, MA to Barrett’s original Westborough location and now to the Northborough location to have Occupational and Speech services provided.  We are well into YEARS of service…seven years and counting.  In the early years some weeks were as many as four days a week, but now we are at twice a week.   The drive alone may be convincing enough for some but there is more…” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

—Marcia, Dudley, MA

“The Barrett Family Wellness Center is a tremendous resource for families in this area. My son has done several therapies through Barrett and it has been a wonderful partner in supporting his special needs. Barrett’s therapists and staff are friendly and knowledgeable; effectively bridging our doctors’ recommendations and our school’s special education services. One of the things I like best about Barrett is…” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

—Daylene, Shrewsbury, MA

“My son was one of your clients back in your first years in Westborough.  You performed much of his testing, and we worked with you, I believe, for about a year on sensory integration (ball pit, stretchy suit thing, upside down furry swinging horse and target, etc…handwriting help, fun games from way back when we were kids).  Back then, when he tried bike riding it was…” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

—Nancie, Northborough, MA

Deep Touch Protocol:
“My son was chewing holes in his clothes, making noises and crashing into things…He constantly needed all kinds of sensory input…It (Deep Touch Protocol) wasn’t expensive, didn’t involve psychoactive drugs…It merely required a significant time commitment on my part…Gradually, his need to chew on anything and everything lessened, then stopped altogether.  We noticed less body movement, less crashing, fewer noises…He seemed to grow calmer and more adaptive to change as we continued…I would definitely recommend this protocol to parents who have a child with sensory integration issues.” (Click Here for Full Testimonial…)

Kate, Clinton, MA

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