Handwriting: More Than Just Paper and Pencil

Many people have the misconception that good penmanship comes only from sitting at a desk practicing. Please join us for a discussion on the building blocks to good handwriting which includes the importance of developed gross and fine motor control, upper body strength, and position in space awareness.  This workshop is appropriate for occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech therapist, counselors, educators, health care professional and parents.

Participants will learn how games, exercise and adaptive equipment can help prepare a child for handwriting and what approaches to handwriting benefit developmentally delayed individuals.

Before completion of the workshop, each individual will learn how to analyze an activity and determine how the activity enhances handwriting. By discussing the normal developmental sequence of pencil grip one will learn how to recognize when a child displays a dysfunctional grip.

Therapeutic programs of Edu Kinesthetic by Paul E. Dennison, PhD. and Loops and Groups by Mary Benbow will be introduced. These handwriting programs each give their own perspective as to the best method for assisting children with handwriting difficulties.  However, the value of these techniques when teaching children how to write is remarkable. 

The workshop is designed to answer both general and more specific questions, and we encourage those who attend to be active participants.

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