Introduction to Sensory Integration

Briefly, Sensory Integration (SI) is needed when one or more of a child’s sensory systems is delayed or impaired hindering the child’s ability to learn and be successful.

Warning Signs:

  1. Does not like to be hugged or seeks many hugs.
  2. Will only eat certain food textures and dislikes some odors.
  3. Uncomfortable in clothes. Dislikes various textures and will only wear certain types of clothing.
  4. Appears disorganized or gives the appearance that he/she cannot get comfortable.
  5. Too much or too little movement.
  6. Avoids showers, haircuts and nail cutting.
  7. Sleep disturbances.
  8. Easily frustrated; the child has a short fuse.
  9. Difficulty in school.

Our facility was created to treat children with SI WHILE at the same time educating parents on how they can continue to help the child at home.  This education piece is often missing when a child receives OT in school. 

If you would like more information about SI and occupational therapy and how both affect your child, we offer a series of workshops specifically designed to inform parents, educators and therapists. 

Phyllis Barrett Samara, founder, is a certified SI therapist by Sensory Integration International (SII).

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