Testimonial – Kristy, Natick, MA

I called Barrett for that initial intake with an open mind. Every morning I struggled with dressing my son, to the point of tears for both of us, as he refused most clothing. In addition, he withdrew at the sound of loud noises, could not integrate with other children during play, and just seemed to be constantly uncomfortable. Without extensive warnings for transitions, he would fall apart and could never be consoled in ways you would expect.. It broke my heart every day that Icould count the kisses and hugs he had given me, in his lifetime, on one hand…it panged him to show affection, although you could tell that he yearned to give and receive it.

After joining Barrett for OT, we took on the commitment of using the brushing technique and learning everything we could about sensory integration disorder, and creating a sensory environment for him at home. With weekly OT sessions, and an open mind, Ms.Samara guided us through the year, as we had him tested with a neuropsychological evaluation and eventually found the perfect fit for his preschool with great support. He is thriving.

Our lives have changed tremendously due to the support and care we received along the way at Barrett. My son has done exceptionally well, as he and I have learned the tools and language, using a hands on approach, to help him navigate. We even had sessions to evaluate and focus on his eating, which had become concerning due to the lack of range in his diet. I learned ways in which to introduce new foods, and take the pressure off mealtime. Sometimes just the act of working together and knowing you have a plan gives you the reassurance that you are doing the best you can, and it gives you the confidence to move forward and tackle the next challenge to arise. Facing these issues can be scary, but I found that at Barrett, you were never alone from that first phone call. I am grateful for all that I have learned through this journey, and grateful for the progress he has made. He is the light of my life.

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