Barrett Family Wellness Center, Inc. is dedicated to providing families with the educational tools to carry therapies from the center to home programs for continued progress work.

Verbal Reports
Each treatment session involves a verbal report to the parent, or caregiver, as to what happened that session and areas that can be practiced during that week.

Parent/Educator Workshops
Barrett is pleased to offer informative workshops that are designed to give parents, therapists, teachers and special educators a base knowledge on a topic.

Staff members from all our treatment areas contribute to our blog.  They comment on new issues, ideas, and solutions.

Barrett’s YouTube Channel
Please subscribe to our channel on YouTube by typing “BarrettFamilyWC” in YouTube’s search engine, then hit “subscribe.”  We continually post new videos containing information on programs, ideas for carrying therapies over into the home, and explanations of what it is our therapists are doing with different equipment and treatment methods.

Barrett is happy to provide school-based occupational therapy and speech therapy services and temporary assistance in the event of a school’s existing therapist needs to leave due to sickness or maternity, etc.


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