Testimonial – Kate, Bellingham, MA

When I think back on my son’s feeding issues, mainly with chewing and swallowing, I focus on the restrictions. All the foods he couldn’t eat, all the foods I had to remember to pack everywhere I went so that I knew he would have something he could eat. When he was younger, I worried about him choking on something that a well-intentioned but unknowing adult had given him. I realized just how far behind he was once my second son started eating solid foods at nine months…and they, with nearly two years separating them, had similar eating abilities.

I knew I needed help to address this problem fully, but it was difficult to find someone who had experience with feeding issues. From the first time I called Barrett Family Wellness Center, I knew I wanted my son to be seen there. They helped me figure out all the complex issues with my insurance and took the time to follow up with them several times when we received conflicting information.

My son started OT at Barrett Family Wellness six months ago, and he has made such incredible progress. Dinner is much closer to normal for a three-year-old. All children with feeding difficulties face different obstacles, and I love the way Phyllis (my son’s OT) has really helped me to narrow down my goals for my son, so we can focus therapy on what he really needs. For example, we are flying down to Texas to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving, and I would love for my son to eat some of what is served during dinner. Phyllis has been so accommodating in working this into therapy.

We still have progress to be made, but I think Barrett Family Wellness helped to give me some concrete tools to work with at home. Their commitment to integrating at-home therapy solutions with their time in the office is really the key to progress. And, most of all, as a mother, I love the fact that my son looks forward to being there every week.

– Kate, Bellingham, MA

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