Testimonial – Luxan, Hudson, MA

Barrett has helped not only my son, but also our entire family.

When Alex started he barely spoke any words and did not show interest in speaking either. The only few words he would say were I want… rice, juice and basically that was all. He was constantly frustrated as his needs and wants were not being met because of his lack of communication.

As soon as we started, I spoke with our Speech Pathologist, Andrea Quinn, and expressed to her our concerns and explained the frustrations that Alex was having. I told her that Alex had shown interest in his IPad and so our journey began. Andrea was well versed in many apps including the Proloquo2go app which is the one we ended up using for Alex to communicate.

We started very basic and continued to add in as we felt needed. In the mean time Andrea and I had our own individual consultations at least once a month and she showed me how to maneuver the Proloquo2go app. At first it was overwhelming but little by little we started seeing Alex use more and more his words and he also started doing sentences. Meanwhile his frustrations began to decrease more and more and Alex began to make impressive progress.

For a while I thought that Alex would become too dependent on his IPad and would not try to speak, but as Andrea had explained, he started to use his words which he would create using his IPad. So he started verbalizing his sentences.

We also attend Occupational Therapy with Dianne Hayes, Alex has also made some major improvements in his fine motor skills and his self awareness. I really like that both therapists communicate between each other and incorporate skills taught in both Speech and Occupational settings.

Today Alex continues to make improvements and we keep on building his vocabulary. As a family in whole we have seen a happier Alex and how his frustrations have become smiles and signs of affection. He can finally communicate and we are so thankful for Barrett and the staff that works with him.

– Luxan, Hudson

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