Testimonial – Nancie, Northborough, MA

“My son was one of your clients back in your first years in Westborough.  You performed much of his testing, and we worked with you, I believe, for about a year on sensory integration (ball pit, stretchy suit thing, upside down furry swinging horse and target, etc…handwriting help, fun games from way back when we were kids).

Back then, when he tried bike riding it was pretty scary.  When he wanted to stop, he’d take his hands off the handle bars and shout “stop!”

Well, he is going to be twenty this December.  He is in college.  After we worked with you, he had many years of roller blading and snowboarding.  He’s pretty smooth and always made it look so easy.  Understanding himself, taking responsibility, and developing skills that overcome ADD are where he’s at now.  And he is being very successful as well; 3.8 GPA.

It is so cool to see your place (via website) and how you have helped so many kids and their families.”

Nancie, Northborough, MA

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