What is Sensory Integration? (SI): An Introduction

Many do not fully understand what Sensory Integration (SI) is and how it affects a child’s social and emotional well-being. We would like to invite you to learn more about SI and the warning signs that often accompany the disorder.

This Workshop is offered as either a two hour workshop (Part One) OR a six hour workshop (Part One and Part Two combined).

Part I of the workshop is an informative presentation on the theory behind SI and the role of occupational therapy. The first section of Part I is what we refer to as the classroom portion of the workshop. Participants will gain an understanding of the disorder by learning the theoretical aspects of SI. From who first diagnosed the disorder to what physiological processes we believe cause the disorder. Additionally, how instrumental occupational therapy has been in bringing this disorder to the forefront.

Part II of the workshop is often considered the interactive section of the workshop. Participants get a hands-on learning experience of how sensory input affects the nervous system and how different treatment approaches work.

Participants will come away with a clear understanding of SI; they will learn how it effects children in different environments, how to recognize the warning signs and techniques that can be implemented in the home and at school.

Please note that our SI workshop is intended to be an introduction to SI and therapists seeking certification in SI need to contact SII or WPS.

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